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Quick countdown to delivery with our `Rocket’ express freight transport service in Melbourne

For a business to run efficiently in today’s world it is vital know you can send and receive important deliveries swiftly. Josie’s, fully understanding that deep need for prompt service, offers a trusted `Rocket’ express freight transport service in Melbourne to make sure those goods are delivered safely and quickly to their destination. While we... Read more

Josie’s – a trusted courier for Geelong

When you’ve got an important cargo that needs to be delivered across Geelong in the next few hours, what do you do? Call Josie’s, Geelong’s trusted courier, of course! We’ve been the go-to intra-Geelong courier service of choice for many clients for decades. And that’s because we offer a reliable, safe and competitively-priced service every... Read more

Tracking your freight transport in Melbourne

Has it left? Where is it now? And when is it going to arrive? When you have an important item being moved by freight transport in Melbourne, it’s great to have answers to these important questions. You want to know exactly where those vital documents, that crucial piece of equipment or the “I need it... Read more

Josie’s delivers a trusted Melbourne courier service

Melbourne is a pulsing city in a fast-paced world. And its residents require a flexible and reliable Melbourne courier service to meet their needs, which are as varied and dynamic as the metropolis they call home. Josie’s is a trusted name in the transport industry and has forged a reputation as a quality courier service... Read more

Josie’s storage facilities at Lara

Too much stock and not enough space? Let the experienced team at Josie’s solve your dilemma, with our quality storage facilities at Lara. When it comes to storing your stock, there are several criteria that must be met before you can confidently make your choice. Are the premises safe and secure? Are they¬†conveniently located? Can... Read more

Geelong courier service professionals

When you hand over precious or expensive items for delivery, you want to make sure the Geelong courier service you select has a quality reputation. There’s no way you’re going to let the manuscript you’ve slaved over for years, those pieces of family jewellery or that vital office equipment head off in a van unless... Read more

Focus on Victorian freight transport

At Josie’s, we’re proud to be a strong part of the Victorian freight transport industry. Stand by a main road in Geelong or Melbourne, and you’ll see an array of vehicles from vans to semi combinations drive by on their way to deliver freight to clients big and small. From supermarkets to sports stores, cafes... Read more

Freight transport experts in Melbourne

Melbourne is consistently voted one of the most liveable cities in the world. Its people and businesses are diverse – and that means their freight transport needs are too. From passports, important documents and precious letters right through to pallets of stock carried on taut liners, Josie’s freight transport service plays an important part in... Read more

Geelong-Warrnambool-Geelong general freight focus

Summer is a peak period for Warrnambool and smaller coastal towns along Victoria’s famous Great Ocean Road as tourists soak up the atmosphere and the sights during their holidays. And while those visitors may be fancy free, the shop keepers and cafe proprietors catering for them can’t relax for a minute as they work tirelessly... Read more
Freight transport services from Melbourne to Warrnambool

Courier service, Melbourne

Traffic snarls and roadworks are part of daily life in big cities but to courier service drivers in Melbourne they can mean lost time. That’s why our crew at Josie’s takes a smart approach whenever they head out on Melbourne’s roads. They check out the lie of the land first, using quality traffic reports, to... Read more

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