Victorian freight transport for the peak summer period

While summer signals holidays for many, it’s a period of high demand for the Victorian freight transport industry as it helps power the busy festive season across the state.

As people flock to beautiful coastal beaches and towns for Christmas and the New Year or head to regional centres inland to catch up with family and friends, businesses including retail and hospitality outlets are hard at work. It’s a frantic time for restaurants, cafes, boutiques and supermarkets, with summer crowds creating strong demand for their services and their goods.

And that’s where Victorian freight transport becomes so important in meeting increased demand for deliveries of vital items needed to replenish shelves, kitchens and store rooms across the state so businesses can continue to seamlessly meet customers’ needs.

Josie’s has been part of that efficient transport system for more than 40 years. We know summer is the busiest time of the year for many of our clients across the state, especially those along the coastline, and we take great pride in delivering goods safely, on time and at a competitive price.

Josie’s has a reliable fleet of vehicles ranging from one-tonne vans to semi combinations and provides services including daily runs to the Western District and Ballarat. We offer extensive delivery options across Geelong and Melbourne, and between the two cities, and can also tailor schedules to fit with your express needs.

We know that you rely on certain stock to keep your business running efficiently. Items must reach your doors on time for you to remain competitive in today’s tough economic environment. Our professional team, with decades of experience behind them, can help make that happen.

So when you need Victorian freight transport you can trust to deliver your goods on time and at a reasonable price, then contact us at Josie’s. We’ve got the runs on the board and we’ll help you enjoy a summer where supplies arrive safely and on schedule.

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