Tracking your freight transport in Melbourne

Has it left? Where is it now? And when is it going to arrive? When you have an important item being moved by freight transport in Melbourne, it’s great to have answers to these important questions.

You want to know exactly where those vital documents, that crucial piece of equipment or the “I need it right now” stock is on its journey. And you’ll be waiting by the door for the courier to arrive.

At Josie’s, we understand how our clients feel. That’s why we provide a secure client services login area on our website¬†so you can keep track of your freight as it’s in transit along Melbourne’s busy streets and highways.

It’s so simple. Just access our login page, add your account and password details and get cracking with your tracking. You will be able to see exactly what stage your freight is at, whether it’s just been dispatched or is¬†about to arrive at your home or business.

This service helps our clients to manage their businesses and busy days more efficiently, taking the uncertainty out of knowing how far away their important item is from its destination.

Josie’s is committed to delivering quality freight transport in Melbourne and further afield. We’re passionate about delivering your goods safely, on time and at a competitive price.

Our comprehensive courier delivery service within Melbourne encompasses the entire state capital and is serviced by experienced drivers at the wheels of vehicles ranging from one-tonne vans to 14-tonne taut liners and semi combinations.

And when your goods are being moved by our professional team, it’s great to know that you can easily track the progress online. Please contact us at Josie’s if you would like more information about tracking your freight transport in Melbourne.

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