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In the bustling city of Melbourne, efficient and reliable transport services are crucial for a wide range of industries. If you are seeking a trusted partner in logistics and transport solutions, look no further. As a privately-owned company, Josies Transport Group offers an extensive fleet of 100 vehicles, cutting-edge technology capabilities, and a commitment to providing exceptional services to meet all your transportation needs.

Diverse fleet catering to various industries

We understand that different industries have unique transportation requirements. That’s why we have assembled a fleet of 100 transport vehicles, ranging from vans to trucks with large capacities. We’ve got you covered if you need to transport small packages from Footscray to Box Hill or oversized cargo from Tullamarine to Dandenong. Our diverse fleet ensures that we can accommodate goods of different sizes and volumes from various industries.

Real-time GPS tracking for secure inventory management

With Josies Transport Group, you gain peace of mind knowing that your cargo is monitored every step of the way. Our advanced technology capabilities include real-time GPS tracking, allowing us to provide accurate and up-to-date inventory tracking. Through our track and trace system, you can easily monitor your consignments, review route replays, and even access location-based time stamping and vehicle speeds.

Streamlined operations with sign-on glass technology

Our innovative sign-on glass technology enables our drivers to capture proof of delivery (POD) and even photo PODs at pick-up and delivery points. These documents are instantly uploaded to our website and client portal. This enables you to easily access real-time information regarding your consignments.

Route analysis and optimisation for efficient deliveries

We all know how one wrong turn in Melbourne can easily add half an hour to your travel time. This is why efficiency is at the core of our transport services. We continuously strive to optimise our routes to minimise delivery time and costs. We use route analysis and optimisation tools to find the most efficient paths for each delivery.

Timely notifications and auto-alerts for enhanced communication

Effective communication is vital in the transport industry. That’s why we utilise email and SMS notifications, keeping you informed every step of the way. Our auto-alerts ensure that you receive updates on the next drop, allowing you to stay ahead of any potential delays or issues.


Josies Transport Group is your ultimate partner for reliable and efficient transport services in Melbourne. With our extensive fleet, advanced technology capabilities, and commitment to excellence, we are well-equipped to handle the transportation requirements of a wide range of industries.

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