Professional transport services from Melbourne to Geelong

Having a trusted team to provide transport from Melbourne to Geelong, is essential for businesses in two of the state’s largest cities. When you run a business you have to be able to get goods of all sizes along the Princes Freeway when the need arises. Whether the item has to arrive at its new location within a few days or a few hours, the transport company you select must tick some important boxes.

Firstly, it must have a safety-first approach to its everyday operations. You want your goods to be protected from start to finish. The driver needs to load them onto the truck or van carefully, make sure they’re secured for the trip and then professionally off-load them to the correct address at the journey’s end. The driver must embrace the concept of safety whenever they’re behind the wheel.

Secondly, reliability is vital when your business is depending on transport services from Melbourne to Geelong. When you organise goods to be collected from Site A for delivery to Site B, it needs to happen in a timely manner. Everyone is working to a deadline in business nowadays and unreliable transport can put a costly spanner in the works. So reliability is a key to professional transport services.

And thirdly, they need to be efficient. While professional drivers who know the roads network are part of the equation, technology plays a strong role too. Visibility and inventory tracking through real-time GPS track and trace as well as email and SMS notifications for nominated consignments can make a real difference.

Flexible, tailored solutions

And finally, you want the transport company handling your business to be flexible and competitively priced. If you need emergency transport to get a piece of machinery or essential building materials down that highway, you want a good result. If you want to send or collect a dozen pallets of stock by the day’s end, or the week’s end, it needs to be doable and affordable. And that means you need a go-to transport solution that’s tailored for your business and fairly priced.

At Josie’s Transport Group, we are that team. We are safe, efficient, reliable, flexible and competitively priced. After more than 40 years in the courier and freight transport industry, we’ve built a reputation for excellence. And that’s what we strive to provide every time a truck from our diverse fleet of vehicles heads out on the road with a delivery.

We provide an efficient Melbourne to Geelong lane, and vise versa, that offers same-day pickup and delivery. We also have overnight and emergency freight services between the two cities.

If you would like to know more about our professional transport services between Melbourne and Geelong, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on (03) 5282 2131. We look forward to hearing from you.


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