Reliable freight transport service connecting Ballarat to Geelong

Our freight transport service Ballarat to Geelong plays an important role in keeping businesses connected and regional hubs strong.

The goods ferried back and forth along the highway between these two strategic cities are varied. From agricultural items and retail stock to pharmaceutical goods and mechanical parts, all need to make it to their destination in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.

At Josie’s Transport Group, that’s what we do. We provide a highly reliable and specialised freight transport service Ballarat to Geelong. After years in the industry, we’ve built a sterling reputation as leaders in the freight transport industry and take pride in providing regional businesses with strong links to the supply chain. With our team of experienced drivers, large and diverse fleet of vehicles and wide range of services, we won’t let you down.

When you use Josie’s for your transport needs, you can rest assured we put safety first, every job we take on. That’s a given. And while safety is paramount, we are also leaders when it comes to technology in the logistics industry. It’s all about delivering the best possible customer service experience to our growing client base and constantly striving for improvement.

We embrace technology including:

  • Real-time GPS tracking;
  • Sign-on glass and photo POD technology;
  • Route optimisation;
  • Notifications by email and SMS;
  • EDI functionality;
  • And route analysis and review.

Regional Victoria is full of innovative, dynamic businesses that support local employment and the economy. These businesses – from manufacturers to retailers – need to stay strong for their regions to prosper and grow.

At Josie’s, we salute these businesses for their passion and commitment. And we’re here to help in their ongoing growth with our comprehensive freight transport service Ballarat to Geelong.

Whether you need a time-sensitive delivery, next day service or a regular pick-up or drop-off, talk to our experienced team.

Please contact us today for more information on our range of services.


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Josies has the size and scale to meet your transport requirements and inject resources to deliver continuous improvement strategies, yet we are small enough to deliver you the personal attention you deserve.
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