Safety comes first at Josie’s

At Josie’s we believe that safety is paramount in everything we do.

We work hard every day to ensure a strong mantle of protection encompasses not just our staff and contractors, but clients and visitors as well. We are passionate about eliminating health and safety risks and delivering a quality safety culture across our operations. And we’re committed to a Vision Zero safety policy that permeates every part of the business, keeping staff healthy and our working environments safe.

Our employees and contractors undergo in-depth inductions before starting with Josie’s. We also carry out on-going training and a behaviour-based safety approach to build a firm platform that cements our place as a leading, safe freight transport company across the state.

No matter what task we undertake, we put safety in the spotlight. We’ve put in place operational procedures and processes that ensure we transport freight safely and efficiently, to your specific requirements.

Josie’s commitment to safety takes many forms including:

  • Leading every meeting with a topic about safety;
  • Making sure we encourage and reward employees and contractors for exhibiting safe behaviours;
  • Consulting and involving staff on health, safety and wellbeing topics;
  • Taking on people whose safety values align with Josie’s;
  • And cementing safety as our top value and priority.

We firmly believe that safety is not negotiable. Everyone involved with the business has people – family and friends – who love them. We want to ensure they get to return to those people at the end of work every day – and that’s why a strong safety culture is vital at Josie’s.

It takes a committed team to make a workplace safe. And our staff – from management to drivers – are passionate about shaping the safest working environment possible.

At Josie’s, we’re all about setting the bar high when it comes to excellent services across the freight transport industry. We treat safety the same way.

If you would like to know more about our Vision Zero safety policy, please contact us today.

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Josies has the size and scale to meet your transport requirements and inject resources to deliver continuous improvement strategies, yet we are small enough to deliver you the personal attention you deserve.
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