Our Melbourne Express Couriers Embrace Technology

When it comes to delivering a quality freight transport service, we know investing in technology helps keep our Melbourne express couriers as industry leaders.

At Josie’s, we are always looking for ways to continually improve our services. We want to achieve the best possible results for our 2000-plus client base every time they call on us, and we’re committed to providing a streamlined, efficient and cost-effective service that delivers the goods.

Whether you need a one-off parcel or pallet of stock delivered within hours, or you use our popular permanent-vehicle service in Melbourne or Geelong, you can rest assured a raft of technology is helping make the process smooth and seamless.

You’ll be able to track and trace where your freight is en-route by accessing our tracking page, so you know just how far away it is from your door.

We also have route replay capability which provides important data including vehicle speeds and time stamping based on location.

Josie’s has adopted Sign-On-Glass technology to make the delivery process more efficient for our drivers including Melbourne express couriers and our customers. This technology includes PODs and photo PODs at points of pick-up and delivery, saving paperwork and the time that goes with it by instantly uploading information to Josie’s website and portal for clients.

We can also provide notifications by email and SMS for nominated deliveries.

From Photo PODs to route analysis and KPI reporting to ensure our vehicles are as efficient as possible, we work hard to deliver a quality service that ensures first-time customers become long-time clients.

While our adoption of cutting-edge technology is vital to our performance, our comprehensive range of services have all bases covered when it comes to freight transport. Our ability to provide permanent vehicles for clients in Melbourne and Geelong, Victoria’s second biggest city, is just one of the great services we offer. From Melbourne express couriers to Geelong, intrastate and interstate transportation for your goods, we’re the team to trust for a top result.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team at Josie’s

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