Geelong couriers watch technology advances with interest

Technology is bringing about many changes when it comes to courier services across the world.

As premier Geelong couriers, we at Josie’s are watching with interest as new initiatives such as Amazon Key are introduced offshore.

The e-commerce giant’s Key initiative, now availableĀ in a range of cities across the US, is a strong example of how high-tech breakthroughs are changing the way parcel delivery occurs. Put simply, the initiative allows Amazon to authorise your item’s delivery and unlock your home’s door, place the parcel safely inside, relock the door and leave. There’s no need for clients to be home to accept delivery.

Amazon Key draws on a range of technology including Cloud Cam and a compatible smart lock to make the process work. Parcel recipients are given warning of the delivery time so they can watch a live stream of the event if they choose.

While Amazon Key means people won’t have to wait at home for their parcels anymore, they are letting a stranger into their house. And that’s a thought that makes some people uncomfortable.

At Josie’s we believe quality technology can bring about positive changes in how our Geelong couriers carry out their services. While we’re not expecting access to people’s unattended homes, we recognise that people don’t want to waste time waiting for their parcels to turn up.

That’s why we have a quality tracking service that our clients can use to plan their day effectively around parcel delivery. The technology allows you to check your parcel’s progress using our website’s secure client services login page so you know when delivery will occur. It’s a practical approach and a time saver.

Josie’s has been a trusted name for more than 40 years when it comes to parcel delivery across the region, the state and interstate. Our drivers are experienced, our vehicles are well maintained and our whole team is committed to prompt, safe and affordable delivery and quality customer service.

If you want more information about our quality Geelong couriers, please contact us at Josie’s. We offer a range of courier options including rocket delivery services to get your parcels swiftly to their location.

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