Express freight helps Geelong businesses in emergencies

At this time of the year, the pace is frantic. But no matter how organised you are, emergencies sometimes just can’t be helped.

So if you are in a tight spot – where you need freight delivered fast – it’s reassuring to know that Josie’s express freight can get Geelong businesses out of trouble with emergency services offered around the clock, seven days a week.

Whether your item is big or small, if it has to get to its destination swiftly then we’re the team for you. At Josie’s, we’re proud to provide the quality, express freight Geelong clients trust for a great result. We’re fast, we’re safe, we’re reliable and we are extremely cost-effective. Our professional team has helped many clients through emergencies, providing a great range of express freight options, and we’re happy to help out as the pace picks up a gear over the festive season.

If you need to send stock from one side of Geelong to the other as fast as possible, give us a ring and let our Rocket service swing into action. Or perhaps you’ve got a part that has to be in Melbourne in three hours? That’s no problem. Maybe you need goods transported intrastate or further afield across the border, the pressure is going up and the clock is ticking down? Talk to us and we’ll find a way to make it happen quickly.

From deliveries to pick-ups, Josie’s has you covered. After more than four decades in the express freight industry, we know how important it is for goods to make it to their correct destination in a timely, safe and affordable manner. Whether it’s a specific part that’s vital for a machine to operate, a crucial piece of stock for a client or items needed immediately in a retail outlet, we’ll get it to the right door at the right time. And your emergency will soon be over.

When emergencies hit hard, it’s great to know that Josie’s is ready to provide express freight for your Geelong business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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