Our safe approach to Victorian freight transport

Despite Christmas still being two months away, it seems that our roads are already busier, our shopping strips are chaotic and our working days are frantic.

And with four decades of experience in the Victorian freight transport industry, we at Josie’s know it’s not going to slow down for the rest of the year as people rush to complete important tasks, get products delivered and documents sorted so they can successfully shut the door on 2016 before 2017 arrives.

But all this activity is mirrored on our roads, with freeways, highways and streets buzzing with traffic on a mission. While Josie’s large fleet of freight transport vehicles is part of the mix, we take pride in knowing that we have safe, reliable and experienced drivers behind the wheel.

At Josie’s, we pride ourselves in delivering a quality service at a cost-effective price. Standing squarely with that goal is our commitment to carry out each and every courier task in a safe manner – safe for the precious, important items our clients trust us to transport and safe for our drivers.

Our drivers know it’s a big responsibility to be part of the Josie’s team. The Josie’s name is synonymous with professionalism in the Victorian freight transport industry and we expect our drivers to live up to our high standards. Believe us, they do. They’re a professional bunch, who take great care on the hectic roads and understand the risks including driver fatigue. They act responsibly, take regular breaks, pay close attention when driving and plan their routes carefully.

So when you see a Josie’s vehicle on the road, whether you’re in the state capital, a regional city or in the country, give them a wave. They’re “in their office”, driving safely in the traffic and getting important items to the correct destination for clients across the state.

Josie’s expects a lot from its many Victorian freight transport drivers and they don’t let us down. They won’t let our clients down either in the busy rush to Christmas. If you would like to know more about our intrastate courier options, which include daily services to Ballarat and Warrnambool, please contact us at Josie’s.

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