A strong fleet keeps Geelong couriers in the fast lane

After more than 40 years as a leading Geelong courier, Josie’s understands that a versatile and reliable fleet of vehicles is essential to delivering a quality service for clients.

We get that people are under pressure in today’s competitive world of business. We get that items need to be delivered on time without blowing the budget. And we’re proud to offer Geelong courier solutions that transport goods to their destination swiftly and safely with a minimum of fuss.

We’re called on to deliver a wide range of items across Geelong and further afield every day. From crucial documents to pallets of retail stock, our fleet has to be versatile enough to cope with the cargo in question. Believe us, it is. From zippy one-tonne trays and vans right up to 14 pallet trays and tautliners and even semi combinations including drop deck and tray, we’ve got you covered.

You can also rest assured that every vehicle we use is maintained regularly and is in good working order. With about 65 vehicles in our fleet – company and subcontractor – we know that each and every one of them must be a reliable and safe performer every time it takes to the road with precious freight on board.

If you are after a Geelong courier to get your goods across this great city, please contact us at Josie’s for an affordable and quality service. We’ve forged a reputation for excellence over the past four decades and our drivers and versatile fleet of freight transport vehicles won’t let you down.

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Josies has the size and scale to meet your transport requirements and inject resources to deliver continuous improvement strategies, yet we are small enough to deliver you the personal attention you deserve.
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