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Josie’s champions safe practices

At Josie’s, we’re proud to be a strong part of the Victorian freight transport industry.

Stand by a main road in Geelong or Melbourne, and you’ll see an array of vehicles from vans to semi combinations drive by on their way to deliver freight to clients big and small. From supermarkets to sports stores, cafes to farms and everything in between, Australia relies heavily on this industry to keep the shelves stocked and the national’s economic heart beating strongly.

At Josie’s, we’re all for a thriving economy. We’re also firm advocates for safe work practices across our industry. We recognise that our professional drivers are our strength and we want every day they spend behind the wheel to be a safe day.

A strategy, called the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-22, is trying to achieve that on a nationwide scale. With a vision of `healthy, safe and productive working lives’, its role is to push forward a range of activities to bring about improvements in work health and safety.

The strategy has decreed that road transport will be a focus of nationwide prevention efforts during its first five years in an endeavour to cut the industry’s high number of deaths and injuries.

The  road transport industry can be hazardous if people don’t follow strict safety practices. At Josie’s, we take safety extremely seriously whenever we take to the road in one of our Victorian freight transport vehicles.

In every aspect of our business – from placing parcels into vans and pallets on trucks, to taking regular breaks  – we take a safety-first approach to our day.

And we’ll continue to champion those safe work practices while delivering exceptional service throughout regional and metropolitan Victoria.

Rest assured, if you use Josie’s for your Victorian freight transport needs, you’ll get a quality service at a competitive price delivered in a sturdy framework of  safe work practices. Please contact us if you need our services.

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