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Traffic snarls and roadworks are part of daily life in big cities but to courier service drivers in Melbourne they can mean lost time.

That’s why our crew at Josie’s takes a smart approach whenever they head out on Melbourne’s roads. They check out the lie of the land first, using quality traffic reports, to see whether anything’s happened that will cost them valuable time on their route. If it has, our couriers can plan a different path to ensure the parcels they’re transporting from A to B get there on time, instead of being stuck in congestion en route.

While radio stations provide regular traffic updates to motorists, VicRoads gives a great online overview of the state’s roads in real time. VicRoads’ VicTraffic site lists information including:

  • Current and planned roadworks that will slow vehicles down.
  • Emergency road closures triggered by incidents such as accidents, fire or flood.
  • Current and upcoming sporting or community events that impact roads such as parades, fun runs or cycling races, when they are on and what detours to use.
  • And updates on changed speed limits, such as speed reductions on the West Gate Bridge due to high wind or vehicle collision.

Our courier service drivers in Melbourne recognise the VicRoads site is a valuable tool in their daily work and one that can help us deliver the goods for our clients. That’s what Josie’s is all about. We pride ourselves in providing a reliable, prompt, professional and competitive service, so anything that delivers accurate traffic information that helps our drivers is music to our ears.

So if you’re after a quality courier service in Melbourne that knows the importance of keeping up-to-date on road conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Josie’s.

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