Freight transport in Melbourne – Josie’s safe approach

As demand for our freight transport service in Melbourne continues to grow, we at Josie’s are committed to delivering our clients’ goods on time every time.

It’s a cornerstone of our business. But it also goes hand in hand with a deep-seated commitment to safety — of the goods we transport and the drivers at the wheel of our vehicles.

Thousands of truck drivers and couriers travel Melbourne’s busy roads and highways every day. With driver fatigue being a major factor in road crashes involving heavy vehicles, the use of truck stops and rest areas is an integral part in keeping the freight transport industry and other road users safe.

Drivers can use service centres, which have ample parking for large trucks and include commercial services, as a place to sleep and get a meal while service stations are useful for shorter stays and a bite to eat. Rest areas also provide public parking off road to allow weary drivers a chance to rest.

VicRoads advises drivers to:

  • Stop if you feel tired, and have a power nap.
  • Plan your trip to include regular and adequate rest breaks.
  • Know where appropriate truck stops and rest areas are on your route.
  • Use rest breaks to inspect your vehicle and check your load remains secure.
  • And be considerate to others using truck stops and rest areas.

At Josie’s we’re rightly proud of our professional team of freight transport drivers and their approach to safety. They understand the responsibility that comes with the job, they use breaks appropriately in between jobs and they are committed to delivering clients’ goods in a safe and timely manner.

Contact us at Josie’s Transport  to see how we can help with your freight transport needs in Melbourne.

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