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Melbourne is Victoria’s most populous state and “Plan Melbourne” is the Victorian Governments metropolitan strategy for growth and the future of this city which consistently ranks in the top cities across the world for its liveability. The Government certainly wants to see this status continue, and this means addressing city planning to ensure we can keep growing and moving!

The strategy encompasses housing and employment, through to transport and freight. Our freight transport service operates throughout Melbourne and we are proud to service right across this great city.

The Metropolitan Planning Strategy Freight Fact Sheet states:

“As Victoria’s population and economy grow, so does the amount of goods and services needing to be moved. Melbourne’s roads and rail will need to accommodate more than twice as much freight and commercial traffic over the next 20-30 years. How effectively we can move goods will be critical to our experience of living and doing business in Melbourne.”

In addition to this, Chapter 3 of the official Plan Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Strategy states:

“The freight task in Melbourne is also growing quickly and is almost entirely a road task at present.”

One of the key projects to address the above facts will be the commencement of the East West Link, connecting the Eastern Freeway to the Western Ring Road.

We are pleased to see freight take its own place as part of the strategy for the future of this city. As long as the roads allow us to do our job well by connecting us to where we need to go, the entire economy will benefit.

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